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The last thing you need to be worried about is if your adhesive is doing its job. Worrying about adhesives is our job, and we’ve been solving adhesive worries for more than 110 years.

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Let us know, and our Technical Staff will figure out the right formulation. Our lab chemists are experts at solving glue challenges.

The Evans Adhesive Lab Capabilities include:

  • Qualitative Analysis by FTIR

  • Packaging Hot Melts – characterization of physical properties such as viscosity, softening point, open and set speeds, Peel and Sheer Failure Temperatures, IOPP cleave test, and ultra-cold temperature bonds.

  • PSA Hot Melts – characterization of physical properties such as viscosity, softening point, loop tack, rolling ball tack, peel testing, sheer failure temperature (SAFT), and accelerated heat aging.

  • Water-based – characterization of physical properties such as viscosity, pH, total solids, high temperature solids, inorganic content, dry film characteristics, speed of set comparisons, and dry times.

Our experienced team includes research chemists, chemical engineers, quality control experts, and PhD’s in organic chemistry – all of them with years of experience creating adhesive formulations for all types of industrial applications, clients, and products.

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Here is what one of our customers had to say.

“Our company has worked with the wonderful people from Evans for many years.  Recently we tasked Evans with providing the technical expertise to supply our company with an adhesive that would perform with a custom manufactured liner, unique to the label industry.  We worked closely together to create a pilot test program that provided the technical resources we required to validate our label composite.  In today’s commodity world, Evans has true industry leaders that standout and guarantee success for the unique specialty coater.”

— William Cochran President, Specialty Coating Company

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As our President & CEO Rusty Thompson explains, “Our #1 goal is to meet all your needs, with the right products and service levels that exceed your expectations.  By placing your trust in us, you can be sure you’ll get a superior product for your application. Plus, you can rest easy, knowing your orders will arrive on time and ready for immediate use.”