McKinsey Takes a Look at the Future of Packaging

Future of Packaging

McKinsey and Co. recently put out a series of online articles that explore the future of packaging.  We thought we’d highlight a couple of them for you here today.

McKinsey Interviews WestRock CEO on the Future of Packaging

McKinsey’s Nick Santhanam recently spoke with WestRock CEO Steve Voorhees to gain his perspective on the packaging sector and the road ahead.

In the interview, Voorhees reflects on the three primary roles that packaging serves (protecting, promoting, and performing) and shares his belief that the biggest changes have come in the form of performance, which will continue to be the case over the next five to ten years.

Why has performance led the pack?

  • For one, he credits sustainability (like paper-based packaging) because it’s made from renewable and recyclable resources that consumers prefer.

  • For another, it relates to new technologies embedded in packaging that allow it to do more than just protect products. For instance, the introduction of innovations like the “19 Crimes” wine bottle labels, which animate when used in combination with a smart phone app.

  • And finally, he credits ongoing R&D efforts that are generating new ways to replace plastic with paper.

To read the full McKinsey interview, including the role that governments and M&A will have on the future of packaging, click here.

Smart Bottles and Edible Boxes?

And in another great packaging article from McKinsey, David Feber, Daniel Nordigården, and Nick Santhanam describe what packaging could look like in 2030.

  • Milk jugs with sensors?

  • Personalized wine bottles?

  • Edible boxes and bags?

These are just a few examples of The Next Normal in packaging. To see the full McKinsey article, click here.

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