How Adhesive Researchers are Suddenly “Seeing the Light”

light curing

Two new articles posted this month on the Adhesive and Sealant Council’s website shine the proverbial spotlight on how advancements in light curing adhesive technologies and long-wave UV cross-linking are offering promises of faster manufacturing cycle times and stronger bonds.

In their post Improvements in Light Curing Adhesive Technology Speed Up Manufacturing Cycle Times:

  • They share how a large number of industries reliant on one or two component curing processes are responding to new developments in the chemistry behind light-curing. 
  • These developments are showing promise, reducing curing times which used to take hours if not a full day down to as low as a few seconds. 
  • To learn more about how the use of high-intensity LED curing lamps can increase the speed of the adhesive cycle, click here.

In their post Researchers Study on Long-Wave UV ‘Cross-Linking’ for Stronger Adhesive Bonds Promising:

  • They describe how new research by a group of Canadian composite materials researchers and chemists points out that exposing an adhesive to long-wave UV light or heat results in a strong bond that is both impact and corrosion resistant, even after only a small amount of exposure. 
  • To learn more about how cross-linking could be the answer to creating stronger bonds between plastics and synthetic fibers and other materials, click here.

Are Your Adhesive Solutions Advancing Faster Enough?

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