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Water Based Adhesive

Water based adhesive from Evans Adhesive

Each water-based glue from Evans Adhesive is specially formulated for a specific use including paper packaging, labeling, laminating, and case and carton sealing.

Water based adhesive formulations from Evans Adhesive use natural and synthetic raw materials, and are an affordable way to create a durable bond between paper materials and a wide variety of other materials and substrates.

Evans water-based adhesives are used in packaging, converting, laminating, labeling, drywall and outdoor advertising, among other industries.

Our innovative research team has the experience and resources to develop a custom solution that works in many demanding uses and environments.

Resin Emulsion Water Based Glues from Evans Adhesive

Resin Emulsion

These “white glues” are used in most glue lap or folding carton operations because of their fast speed of set and good machining. Special formulations of resin emulsion can provide a stronger bond, offering better water resistance and stability over a very wide temperature range.

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Water based adhesive from Evans Adhesive


Dextrin adhesives are starch-based products, usually derived from corn starch. They are economical in price, and do well in lay-flat lamination applications. Dextrins typically machine well, and are easy to clean up. With a slower set speed, dextrins bond especially well to paper materials. Check out our blog article – Seven Things Your Should know …

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Specifically for litho lamination jobs, Evans has developed a unique blend of resin and dextrin adhesives to create ResDex. ResDex combines the lay-flat ease of dextrin with the faster tack of resin, providing the ideal adhesive for litho lamination projects. ResDex benefits include less warp, faster drying times, and reduced cost, among others. To learn …

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