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Technical Expertise

Our company has worked with the wonderful people from Evans for many years.

Recently we tasked Evans with providing the technical expertise to supply our company with an adhesive that would perform with a custom manufactured liner, unique to the label industry.

Jim Luth and Gene Simmons worked closely together to create a pilot test program that provided the technical resources we required to validate our label composite.

In today’s commodity world, Evans has true industry leaders that standout and guarantee success for the unique specialty coater.

— William Cochran President, Specialty Coating Company


Fast Turn-Around

Astro has been working with Evans for almost a decade now. Their quick response and excellent technical team make them very easy to work with.

Their ability to turn orders around within a week is outstanding and rare for a company in their industry.

While they can work quickly, they have never sacrificed quality or consistency. We look forward to working with Evans for years to come.

— Christopher J. Diamond Jr. Astro Chemicals, Inc.


Superior Quality

Evans Adhesives has been a supplier to Sample Makers, Inc. for many years.

Throughout those years, Evans has consistently proven themselves repeatedly as a superior glue supplier.

We feel that we always receive the highest quality product at a cost effective price. In addition, our sales representative Ron Warren provides quality assistance with meeting and anticipating our product needs.

There is no doubt in my mind that Evans Adhesives and Sample Makers will continue to have a great working relationship for many years to come.

— Sherri Brooks Purchasing Agent, Sample Makers, Inc.


On-Time Delivery

As the buyer at Cumberland Container Corp., I have purchased adhesive for over 10 years now. The quality our Company has received from them is excellent and has kept Cumberland ordering for many years.

The customer service we receive is always professional and helpful.

Evans consistently supplies Cumberland Container Corp with on-time deliveries and exceptional quality.

— Mike Bowman Buyer/Production Manager, Cumberland Container Corp