Why water-based adhesives are fueling industry growth

As the worldwide market for adhesives continues to expand, water-based adhesives are leading the way. As of 2016, this particular type of adhesive accounted for 40% of the global market, showing its versatility and dependability as an alternative to solvent-based adhesives.

How water-based adhesives are increasing their market share

Two significant factors are fueling this rise.

  1. First, water-based adhesives are well-suited to the more stringent environmental regulations facing the adhesive industry today. Although these regulations can be a problem for certain market sectors, they may actually be fueling the rise of water-based adhesives. Since water based adhesives can be produced without many of the potentially hazardous elements of solvent-based adhesives, they naturally fulfill the more restrictive environmental regulations.
  2. Water based adhesives are also safer to work with than many other adhesive varieties. While solvent-based adhesives can react with naturally occurring elements to create ozone (thereby threatening the health of anyone working nearby), water-based adhesives post no such threat and are thus much safer for anyone who has to work with them.

Evans Adhesive is prepared to grow with the water-based adhesive market

Evans is well-positioned to participate in this growing market segment. We currently offer three different varieties of water-based adhesives.

  • Our resin emulsion adhesives are commonly used in glue lap or folding carton operations. These “white glues” have a faster speed of set than many other adhesives.
  • Dextrin adhesives are typically derived from corn starch and tend to do well in lay-flat lamination applications. These adhesives are easy to clean and machine well.
  • Finally, our hybrid adhesives are well-suited for litho lamination jobs. A combination of resin and dextrin adhesives, these hybrid products combine the lay-flat ease of dextrin adhesives with the quick set time of resin emulsions.

Each of these adhesive product lines offers the benefits of water-based adhesives and can be customized for your unique adhesive needs. To learn more about how Evans Adhesive is contributing to the world of water-based adhesive products, contact us today.

Each water-based glue from Evans Adhesive is specially formulated for a specific use including paper packaging, labeling, laminating, and case and carton sealing.