Why Market Segmentation is a Key Challenge for Adhesive Industry Growth

The Market is Growing –

In our previous blog post, we discussed some of the key reasons for growth in the adhesive industry, settling in particular on the growth of two particular market segments: diapers and women’s hygiene products in India.

Market segmentation in this vein can be seen as an opportunity for growth for the adhesive industry. In addition to disposable hygiene products like diapers or products geared towards women, other adhesive applications could represent key areas of growth including:

  • Technical textiles
  • Construction
  • Packaging
  • Lamination

All are poised for growth at an above average rate.

But There are Threats –

But a segmented adhesive market can also represent a threatened adhesive market, at least in some sectors. Segments of the adhesive market based around adhesive production and application technology face a far less certain growth rate than purely application-based segments.  Examples include:

  • Adhesive Pump Systems
  • Adhesive Melters
  • Adhesive Pattern Controllers
  • And other related technology…

All are highly susceptible to market demands for the products they’re used to produce and apply. If market demand shifts away from a product that requires any or all of those technologies, their value in the market will diminish.

It’s important to consider closely, then, the pitfalls of this market segmentation as it pertains to your business. Be aware of how market segment fluctuations can affect the products you produce, both in terms of their application and the technologies used to produce them.

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