Why is the Adhesive Industry Growing?

More and more people around the world need adhesives. The global adhesives market was valued at more than $30 billion last year and is expected to grow to more than $41 billion by 2023.


But why? What’s causing the market for adhesive products to grow so quickly? Understanding how these trends develop is a key requirement for success in the industry, and a close examination of the available data reveals some key insights.


Some of the recent industry growth is related to increases in the market for disposable hygiene products. Each of these products has its own unique packaging needs, and while those unique needs could be seen as an obstacle in some circumstances, for the adhesive industry they’re an incredible opportunity. Due to the unique requirements of every disposable hygiene product, adhesive manufacturers have the chance to develop and utilize adhesives for multiple applications, leading in turn to noteworthy opportunities for profitability.


For example, in India alone, the demand for both diapers and women’s hygiene products is skyrocketing. As the manufacturers of those products continue to explore the market opportunities in that country, demand for reliable adhesives for the packaging and other parts of those products will increase accordingly. Thus, understanding the background reasons behind market expansion becomes critically important.


But this doesn’t leave adhesive producers without obstacles. Developing and implementing these adhesives represents significant time, labor, and opportunity costs. To fully take advantage of these and other growing markets, adhesive manufacturers like Evans Adhesive are spending their time and money wisely, including developing innovative, custom adhesives of all types including technical textiles, construction, packaging, and lamination.


So, whether your industry is furniture and woodworking, packaging, textiles, automotive, or building and construction, contact Evans Adhesive today for more information on how we can help you keep up with growing demand and to request a free adhesive sample for your unique application requirements.