Why Flexibility is a Key Benefit of Adhesives

adhesive flexibility

The core function of a given adhesive is fairly straightforward: attaching one thing to another. But really, that function could be achieved by any number of devices or processes. Certainly, there are limits as to the specific attachment devices that could be used in a given situation, but broadly speaking, adhesives are not always the only option. So why choose them for your product or application? In a word: flexibility.
Flexibility is one of the key advantages an adhesive has over other fastening devices or processes and it shows up in several key ways.

Adhesives allow flexibility in design

Using adhesives as opposed to welding, bolting, stapling or other fastening options is a much more versatile, flexible approach. While most of these options have a limited range of applications, an adhesive can fulfill many if not all of the same functions. What’s more, an adhesive can be custom designed or tweak to meet certain needs, while other fastening options tend to have much more limited options.

Adhesives offer more flexible appearance options

It’s much more difficult to hide the evidence of other fastening options than it is to disguise the appearance of an adhesive. Two pieces welded together tend to be fairly conspicuous. One piece of material bolted to another generally looks just like it sounds.
But adhesives, on the other hand, offer myriad aesthetic options. Adhesives can even serve as aesthetic improvements due to their ability to fill in gaps or smooth out uneven surfaces.

Adhesives are literally the most flexible attachment solution

At risk of making a pun, it should be pointed out that the literal flexibility of adhesives is a significant advantage when compared to other fastening options. The flexibility of adhesives can make them more resistant to stress from shearing, impact, temperature changes and other factors, making them an ideal fastening solution for a wide range of applications.
Whatever your industry, consider adhesives for your daily fastening application. Contact Evans Adhesive to explore custom adhesive solutions for your industry.