Three Ways That Adhesives Increase Productivity

increase productivity by being on target like a dart

Productivity is a hallmark of the world of manufacturing. It’s true across all sectors. Making more products faster is the quickest way to increase profits.
More than any other fastening method, adhesives have the ability to increase profits and productivity. How? Here are three ways.

Adhesives increase productivity by eliminating pre-work

Adhesives have a significant advantage over welding, riveting, or stapling: more often than not, these other approaches require significant pre-work and set-up.
For instance, in many applications involving riveting or screwing one component to another, it’s necessary to pre-drill holes or take other steps in advance of the actual fastening work. Welding, too, requires extensive pre-work, including a thorough pre-treatment process to prepare the surface for a weld. This isn’t the case with adhesives, which can be simply applied to the relevant surface as needed.

Adhesives increase productivity by compressing fastening process to a single step

Even without the pre-work, other fastening process demand much more step-by-step work than a well-made, custom-designed adhesive solution. Adhesives, on the other hand, condense most or all of this preparation process into a single step: application of the adhesive.
By choosing to use an adhesive for your fastening process, you’ll be able to eliminate much of the “in-process” part of manufacturing. You will never have to wait for pre-work or mid-work to be accomplished before you can proceed. There is no process for your product to be stuck in. It is either assembled or not.

Adhesives increase productivity by reducing post-work

Finally, adhesives can also increase productivity by eliminating unnecessary follow-up work.
Welding can require significant work even after the welding process has nominally finished. It’s often necessary to grind welds for aesthetic or functional reasons and it’s not uncommon for welds to need reworking due to damage or discoloration caused by the high heat. Rivets or screws can often need finishing of their own.
In addition, any paint or labeling your product may need often can’t be applied until after other fastening processes or finished. But with adhesives, since there’s no potential for heat or other damage, you can pre-paint or label to save time after the fact.
Each of these benefits can be achieved through the deployment of a custom adhesive solution for your application. Contact Evans Adhesive today to begin learning how an adhesive solution can be developed for you.