The Problem of Char: Negative Effects

Before char is apparent oChar Clogs Hoses and Nozzlesr clogging occurs, char creates a thermal barrier in hose linings. This lowers the optimal operating temperature of the adhesive, causing poor flow performance. When your system applies more heat to compensate, even more char build up results.

When char buildup occurs, pieces break loose in your application system. These pieces clog applicator hoses and nozzles, causing uneven adhesive application and eventually, production stoppages. (Read more about Common Causes of Char.)

Even when charring isn’t immediately visible, hidden char deposits contribute to poor adhesive application due to clogged or char-degraded tanks, hoses, or nozzles. This leads to improperly and insufficiently glued packages, plus unsightly char deposits on packaged products.

Next Time:  Can char build-up be prevented?.

(Excerpted from “No More Char”, a recent issue of Evans Adhesive Solution Advisor. Download entire issue here.)