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Key Benefits of Metallocene-Based Adhesives (Part 1)

Metallocene-based hot melt adhesives offer several key advantages compared to traditional EVA-based hot-melt adhesives:

  • Improved mileage: Because metallocene-based adhesives have a lower density than EVA-based adhesives, they can be applied at lower flow rates, often yielding up to 40% reduction in adhesive use compared to EVA.

A Range of Metallocene Hot-Melt Options Available

Metallocene-based hot-melt adhesives not only offer superior performance properties, but also provide manufacturers with a range of product options and capabilities:

  • High-melt metallocene: Applied at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, this gives production operators a smooth-flowing, consistent, and trouble-free adhesive solution for a wide variety of product operating requirements;

Key Benefits of Metallocene-Based Adhesives (Part 2)

The previous post covered several key advantages of metallocene-based adhesives compared to traditional EVA-based hot-melt adhesives.

Here are several more metallocene advantages:

  • Can be used with a wide variety of coated and uncoated package stocks: The superior adhesion performance of metallocene-based hot melt makes it versatile for application to a wide variety of …

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Comparing Costs: Metallocene vs. EVA Hot Melt Adhesive

Previous posts outlined the advantages of metallocene-based adhesives compared to traditional EVA-based hot-melt adhesives.

But what about cost?

Metallocene-based hot-melt adhesive may initially cost more than EVA-based hot melt adhesive. However, the costs associated with problems from char-prone EVA can erase any initial cost savings you may have received.

Costs from problems with char buildup …

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One Solution to the Problem Of Char: Metallocene-Based Adhesives

In the past few years metallocene-based polymer hot-melt adhesives have become more widely available in the marketplace, and more affordable for use in the packaging field.

Metallocene-based hot melt offers superior performance and char-free operation, because the chemical composition means they are not subject to carbon buildup, gelling, or any other changes over extended high …

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Preventive Maintenance Can’t Solve Char Buildup

Preventive maintenance, which involves systematic monitoring and periodic flushing of the adhesive application system, can substantially reduce the incidence of charring and gelling and extend the life of applicator hoses and extrusion nozzles.

However, the unfortunate fact is that charring is an inherent problem with EVA-based adhesives (see previous posts). No matter how diligent the preventive …

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