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The Problem of Char: Common Causes

Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) adhesive is widely used for packaging hot melt applications. However, because of its chemical composition, EVA tends to develop carbon buildup, or char, inside of adhesive application tanks, lines, hoses, and nozzles.

Char — carbon buildup — occurs when EVA oxidizes at prolonged high temperatures above 350º. This heat and oxidation …

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The Problem of Char: Negative Effects

Before char is apparent or clogging occurs, char creates a thermal barrier in hose linings. This lowers the optimal operating temperature of the adhesive, causing poor flow performance. When your system applies more heat to compensate, even more char build up results.

When char buildup occurs, pieces break loose in your application system. These pieces clog applicator …

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Preventive Maintenance Can’t Solve Char Buildup

Preventive maintenance, which involves systematic monitoring and periodic flushing of the adhesive application system, can substantially reduce the incidence of charring and gelling and extend the life of applicator hoses and extrusion nozzles.

However, the unfortunate fact is that charring is an inherent problem with EVA-based adhesives (see previous posts). No matter how diligent the preventive …

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