How the Right Packaging Hot Melt Can Save You Time and Money



Packaging hot melt adhesive is a key product category in the adhesive industry today. Many case, carton and tray sealing applications depend on hot melt adhesive to make their operations run.

But not all packaging adhesives can make the grade. The wrong choice can result in thousands of dollars worth of lost money and time due to costly repairs.

ReliaSeal packaging hot melt could be the right choice for you

If your company uses a traditional EVA-based adhesive in its hot melt application, chances are your applicator will develop char over time, even with regular maintenance. When that char buildup goes too far, adhesive lines will become clogged, resulting in unsealed packages, potential damage to the contents of those package in their final use, and significant downtime as you repair the char damage.

However, Evans Adhesive has an alternative. Our ReliaSeal7359 is a metallocene-based hot melt adhesive that eliminates char buildup in applicators. The low-density ReliaSeal also means your machinery operators can use less adhesive per run, potentially up to 40% less for each job.

Consider making the switch to ReliaSeal for your packaging hot melt application.  To learn more, click here.