Key Benefits of Metallocene-Based Adhesives (Part 1)

Metallocene-based hot melt adhesives offer several key advantages compared to traditional EVA-based hot-melt Metallocene Benefits 1adhesives:

  • Improved mileage: Because metallocene-based adhesives have a lower density than EVA-based adhesives, they can be applied at lower flow rates, often yielding up to 40% reduction in adhesive use compared to EVA.
  • Precision application: Since viscosity of metallocene hot-melt does not increase during its pot life, it gives operators more precise control over flow, bead size, and bead quality, so adhesive application can be continuously optimized for maximum economy.
  • High and low-temperature performance: Metallocene-based adhesive provides superior bonding strength across a wide range of temperature variations, offering resistance to both high temperatures and freezing cold. This performance makes metallocene a strong choice for frozen food packaging applications, as well as for many packaging, carton, and box applications requiring resistance to wide temperature fluctuations

Next Time:  More Key Benefits of Metallocene-based Adhesives.

(Excerpted from “No More Char”, a recent issue of Evans Adhesive Solution Advisor. Download entire issue here.)