Key Benefits of Metallocene-Based Adhesives (Part 2)

Hot Melt adhesives based on metallocene boost productivity and economy in packaging operations.

The previous post covered several key advantages of these adhesives compared to traditional EVA-based hot-melt adhesives.

Metallocene Benefits 2

In addition to benefits like no (or very minimal) stringing, eliminating char or gel build up, low (or no) odor, and resistance to extreme heat and cold, there are several more metallocene advantages:

  • Can be used with a wide variety of coated and uncoated package stocks:
    • The superior adhesion performance of these hot melts makes it versatile for application to a wide variety of coated and uncoated paper packaging and corrugated stock.
    • Because of this versatility, metallocene is especially suited for application to coated stock used in frozen food products.
  • Better penetration over heavy ink surfaces:
    • Compared to EVA-based adhesive, this adhesive provides deeper penetration of packaging surfaces which have heavy ink coverage.
    • This deeper adhesive penetration provides greater package and carton sealing assurance and reliability.

Next Time:  Cost Advantages of Metallocene


Excerpted from “No More Char”, a recent issue of Evans Adhesive Solution Advisor. Download entire issue here.)