How the Right Adhesive Makes Colorful Cardboard Packaging Possible

Colorful corrugated cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes are a common sight at stores of all types. They’re so common you may never stop to think how they got there in the first place.

The truth is, each of these boxes is the result of a very specific process that requires very specific equipment and resources to accomplish.

Colorful cardboard packaging needs the right printer and the right adhesive

One of the most common printing techniques for this kind of packaging is called litho-labeling. This process involves:

  • printing a label on a special printer
  • then gluing that label to the packaging
  • and assembling the box once each of these steps is finished.

This process is advantageous because it allows for extremely high-quality color images to be affixed to cardboard packaging quickly and easily.

However, doing so requires a very versatile adhesive, one that can both affix the label to the cardboard and hold the cardboard box together.

Evans Adhesive manufactures the optimal adhesives both for the printing and box manufacturing parts of this process, custom creating a solution for each project.

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