Evans and Meridian – Looking for Great People

great people


Our new partnership with Meridian Adhesives Group is opening a lot of doors for Evans Adhesive, including tremendous investment and innovation advantages.  But the core of who we are isn’t changing. In fact, our new relationship with Meridian is going to continue to emphasize one of our most important values: our commitment to high-quality people.

Evans Adhesive is a high character company. We care about the people we employ and serve, not just because it’s a good business practice, but because it’s the right thing to do. Whether it is finding the best adhesive solution for your application, or honoring our commitments to quality, on-time delivery, and sustainability, we’ll go above and beyond as we have for decades.

To maintain this corporate character, we are always on the lookout for a certain kind of person, someone with a deep commitment to adhesive excellence, personal advancement, and marketplace change.  As the industry’s newest adhesive innovation platform, Meridian shares that vision, and together we’re pursuing the kind of sales and research development professionals that make both the Meridian Adhesives Group in general, and Evans Adhesive in particular, great places to work and thrive.

This shared vision means that both Evans and Meridian offer huge growth opportunities for the right person.  Working together, we all have a better chance to ride the rising tide of industry trends around the world, trends Evans is already well-positioned to meet.

As we progress into 2019, let us know if you think your personal experience, skills, and goals in the adhesive industry align with ours.  If yes, we would like to talk with you.  Contact Us today to learn more.