Comparing Costs: Metallocene vs. EVA Hot Melt Adhesive

Previous posts outlined the advantages of metallocene-based adhesives compared to traditional EVA-based hot-melt adhesives, so now we look at costs.

But what about costs?

Metallocene-based hot-melt adhesive may initially cost more than EVA-based hot melt adhesive. However, the costs associated with problems from char-prone EVA can erase any initial cost savings you may have received.

Costs from problems with char buildup can include:

  • Production downtime expense: Usually the highest cost, which can be calculated from hundreds to thousands of dollars per hour, depending on the operator’s production environment
  • Product defect costs: Packaging defects due to poor carton adhesion, which lead to pop-opens and other package failures throughout the distribution chain, can be a significant ongoing expense, leading to additional negative impacts from lost and damaged products, negative effects on customer goodwill, and potential liability cost

Replacement adhesive applicator parts and service cost: When charring conditions reach the point where the adhesive application system can no longer be cleared, hoses, nozzles, and other affected parts of the system must be replaced, usually at a significant cost in new applicator components and additional costs per hour of service expense.

costs char vs. clear

Next Time: Choosing the right Metallocene

(Excerpted from “No More Char”, a recent issue of Evans Adhesive Solution Advisor. Download entire issue here.)