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How Adhesive Researchers are Suddenly “Seeing the Light”

Two new articles posted this month on the Adhesive and Sealant Council’s website shine the proverbial spotlight on how advancements in light curing adhesive technologies and long-wave UV cross-linking are offering promises of faster manufacturing cycle times and stronger bonds.

In their post Improvements in Light Curing Adhesive Technology Speed Up Manufacturing Cycle Times: …

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Four Quick Things to Know About Case and Carton Sealing

1) Hot melt is the most popular bonding adhesive when it comes to case and carton sealing.   2) It’s about sealing the flaps.

Application of the adhesive is typically an end of the line process and involves the adhesive being applied at an elevated temperature to open flaps, which are then placed in contact …

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Gypsum Board Market Expected to See 11.4% CAGR Through 2025

gypsum board market growth

According to Grand View Research, the global gypsum board market exited 2018 worth $37.25 billion dollars in sales, with an expected compound annual growth rate of 11.4% through 2025. Growth factors for gypsum board cited were:

  • The rising demand from residential real estate sectors
  • Increasing consumer spending capacity for construction materials …

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Advantages of Industrial Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot Melt chips


If your daily conversations include phrases like “open time”, “set time”, “tack”, and “surface energy”, your job probably involves some form of hot melt adhesive, or HMA. Popular among hobbyists for use in crafting projects (think of those glue sticks used in glue guns), it is even more popular in industrial applications as …

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Look for Continued Growth in Industrial Adhesives Markets


According to Adhesive & Sealants Industry (ASI), a recent research study by Technavio projects that the global industrial adhesives market will:

  • Add over $13.9 billion to its value from 2019-2023
  • Have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of almost 5%.

In addition, according to Yahoo Finance and Global …

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A Brief (200,000) Year History of Adhesives

We are now well into the 21st Century, and at Evans Adhesive we know that our heritage of sticking things together goes way back. But how far back might surprise you… 200,000 Years Ago The earliest use of adhesives is discovered in central Italy when two stone flakes partially covered with birch-bark tar and a third uncovered …

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Three Ways That Adhesives Increase Productivity

increase productivity with adhesives for boxes

Productivity is a hallmark of the world of manufacturing. It’s true across all sectors. Making more products faster is the quickest way to increase profits. More than any other fastening method, adhesives have the ability to increase profits and productivity. How? Here are three ways. Adhesives increase productivity by eliminating pre-work Adhesives have a …

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Evans and Meridian – Looking for Great People


Our new partnership with Meridian Adhesives Group is opening a lot of doors for Evans Adhesive, including tremendous investment and innovation advantages.  But the core of who we are isn’t changing. In fact, our new relationship with Meridian is going to continue to emphasize one of our most important values: our commitment to …

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Why Flexibility is a Key Benefit of Adhesives

The core function of a given adhesive is fairly straightforward: attaching one thing to another. But really, that function could be achieved by any number of devices or processes. Certainly, there are limits as to the specific attachment devices that could be used in a given situation, but broadly speaking, adhesives are not always …

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Adhesive Char Solutions – The Benefits of Metallocene

char adhesive


Adhesive char is a pervasive issue in all industries that rely on hot melt adhesive. Char buildup in adhesive applicators can cause clogs, uneven adhesive application and ultimately production delays as the problem is addressed through maintenance.

According to, char buildup can show up at many stages of the application process. …

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