Adhesives Improve Appearance, Durability and Reliability

adhesive durability and reliability

The internal benefits of adhesives are clear: using adhesives as your fastening solution allows for more flexibility in production and in applications and may make you more productive. But adhesives also have significant benefits for your end users as well. Products that utilize adhesives can have significantly higher quality, durability and reliability than those that use other fastening methods.

Adhesives allow for a better look and feel

A product’s quality is largely subjective, but not entirely. Consumers regularly show preference for some products over others for a variety of reasons.

Aesthetic appeal is one such reason. Using adhesives can be a significant benefit to the final appearance of your product, eliminating unwanted visible joint lines and allowing products to retain their shape without shrinkage or other material degradation. These characteristics are especially useful in clothing manufacturing.

Adhesives can also eliminate the corrosion and other material decline associated with metal fasteners or other materials used as fastening solutions. Over time, this corrosion can reduce the quality of adhesion and stain or discolor the surrounding area, leaving an aesthetically less-satisfying product in its wake.

Adhesives increase durability and reliability in every situation

In addition to looking better, products created with adhesives offer greater durability and reliability than those with mechanical fasteners.

An adhesive seal spreads and absorbs stress to a far greater degree than any other fastener. More than any other fastening method, adhesives spread and absorb stress at the point of fastening, increasing fatigue resistance and evenly distributing the load across the entire bond.

Adhesives can also create hermetic seals against moisture, smoke and fire, UV light and environmental contaminants of all types while solidly securing the various parts of your product together. Products created with adhesives, therefore, can be counted upon to perform at a high level in just about every situation, no matter the environmental factors.